December 1, 2018

18:30 - 21:30

Dharma Shala Yoga School,108 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

$ 60

Beautiful woman, how would your life change if your most cherished relationship was the one you had with yourself?

In a society that tells us that we are never enough, this evening is designed to soothe your soul and activate within you a deep knowing of your own enoughness and self worth.

This workshop is experiential and the practices are designed to help you FEEL & EMBODY self love.

There will be sharing, movement, dance, group discussions and targeted exercises exploring the keys to developing a kind and loving relationship with yourself. Our main themes will be:

~ AUTHENTICITY ~ develop the courage to show yourself as your are, without feeling the need to change who you are to please others
~ BOUNDARIES ~ learn to have your own back, say no, and be your own protector
~ PLEASURE ~ using Tantric principles, discover how a positive relationship with your own pleasure and sexuality can help you feel confident, radiant and empowered.

Anyone who identifies as woman is warmly invited to attend. Minimum age 16.

Delicious fruit and chocolate will be served at the end to close our gathering.

With Love,