Pregnant Mamas Dancing

Starts February 8, 2019
Ends March 8, 2019

13:15 - 14:30

Dharma Shala Yoga School,108 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

$ 120

Rebecca is a mama of 2 children, a dancer, yogini, psychotherapist and doula. Prior to motherhood she worked as a therapist and facilitated regular healing dance classes and retreats both nationally and internationally. Birthing her children and dancing throughout both pregnancies and labours inspired the creation of these classes.

Pregnant Mamas Dancing supports and empowers women throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. In the class we will be working with music, breath, sound and movement in ways to connect with our heart, body and baby. We explore the changes that are taking place both within and without.

Pregnant Mamas Dancing is currently held as a 5 week series. Each week we explore different core themes that are essential to humankind. These themes reshape for us during the pre and or post natal period. Illuminating them assists us along the journey to birth and motherhood.

Core Themes
Week 1: Support
Week 2: Self care
Week 3: Strength & softness
Week 4: Love
Week 5: Connection

Continuing the series throughout the 2nd & third trimester is recommended as each time you participate you will go deeper into the experience and discover more, along with developing a practice that can be drawn upon during labour.

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