PSYCHOLOGY OF YOGA with Natalia Perera

February 29, 2020

13:30 - 16:00

Dharma Shala Yoga School,108 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

$ 50 per person

This workshop is invaluable for any Yogi to understand the unique invitation for transformation that Yoga offers, and its process.

Together we will:

* Cover psychology relevant to our development,
* Apply the core spiritual principles of the path and their significance,
* Understand the energetics of the chakras and how these change with our practice,

and workshop practical tips that we can easily use to reshape any area of our lives, be it relationships, health, money, career.

There will be space for sharing and time for life queries you may have. Feel free to come in comfortable clothes, there is no Asana in this workshop.

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Natalia Perera is a Yogini, Psychotherapist and Ayurvedic health consultant. She has been teaching for many years at Nature Care College and on various Yoga Teacher Trainings. She also leads corporate Mindfulness programs, runs retreats all over the world, writes for the New York Spirit Magazine and runs her private health practice. She is married to a Yogi, has 2 children, a dog and a cat and when she has time, she likes to draw…! She can be found via her website: