Shakti Nights with Zena Rose

March 16, 2019

18:00 - 20:30

Dharma Shala Yoga School,108 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

$ 49

A monthly women’s circle with Zena Rose. These evenings are designed for women. We will embrace and return to our bodies, our natural wisdom and our embodied sensuality, once a month, no matter what is happening in our lives.

Women can “have it all” these days, but this often comes at a cost. Our busyness can easily disconnect us from our bodies, our sensuality, our enjoyment of being Woman. In a culture of competition, it is so important for women to gather as sisters, to support and lift each other up. When women gather in atmosphere of loving support, a deep remembering is activated, a way of being with each other that has been lost and is now returning.

This is a space for you to drop all roles and facades, to be simply and be authentically you. Your pain and your joy, your fragility and your strength, your vulnerability and your superpowers… all expressions of you are welcome. Come and allow yourself to be seen, held, and loved. You will leave feeling deeply connected to yourself, relaxed, nurtured and deliciously full.

We will be using an array of tools for conscious connection, dance, and sacred femininity, which will vary according to the theme each month. In February we are diving into “A Woman’s Intuition”, connecting deeply to the voice of wisdom and guidance within us, learning how to listen and how to trust in that space of inner knowing.

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